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Cloud Computing Safety Concerns in Infrastructure as a Service

Author Affiliations

  • 1King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, Nationality INDIA
  • 2College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (6), Pages 116-123, June,2 (2014)


Cloud computing is current exhortation in the market. It is pattern in which the assets can be leveraged on user basis and by this way reducing the cost and complication of service providers. Cloud computing guarantee to slice operational and capital costs and more prominently let IT departments focus on planned projects instead of maintenance datacenters running. Cloud computing is much more than easy internet. It is a build that permits user to access applications that in reality exist at location rather than userís own computer or other Internet-connected devices. There are many benefits of this build. For example other corporation hosts user application, this means that they need to bear the cost of servers, deal with software updates and depending on the contract and by this way user need to pay less i.e. for the service only. Secrecy, Integrity, Availability, Authenticity, and Privacy are important concerns for both Cloud providers and customers as well. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) gives out as the groundwork layer for the other delivery models, and a lack of safety in this layer will definitely change the other delivery models, i.e., PAAS, and SAAS that are built upon IAAS layer. This paper gives a detailed study of IAAS componentsí security and finds out vulnerabilities and countermeasures. Service Level Agreement should be considered with very much importance.


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