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A survey on relationship between BMI and physical activity level among women in Bohra community of Mumbai, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Physical Education, University of Mumbai, India
  • 2Department of Physical Education, University of Mumbai, India

Res. J. of Physical Education Sci., Volume 9, Issue (1), Pages 8-10, November,23 (2021)


Woman constitute the soul of her family, thereby requires the women in the family to be healthy that allows her to take care of her family members and their health. Woman specially, after getting married, have multiple roles to shoulder their family responsibilities. Woman unknowingly, tend to place undue stress while fulfilling their duties, that leads to neglecting their own health. After a certain age, and once they have completed the pregnancy process, their bodies undergoes a physiological and psychological transformation. Woman face various problems such as Obesity and its root cause is lack of physical activity that leads to problem of Cardio - Vascular diseases like coronary artery diseases, heart attack and stroke, that eventually endangers their health. The Bohra community, which is a trader community and is well educated and progressive amongst the other sects of Islam. Their uniqueness makes community differ from others. Bohra community’s unique identity amongst other sects is their ability to follow such customs like following a spiritual leader, implementing schemes like community kitchen that makes greater impact on women’s life and they are free to do other things such as pursuing their own education, child’s education, empowering themselves etc. This study was conducted on 375 women staying in various Dawoodi Bohra community residential complex around Mumbai. The study was conducted by measuring anthropometric measurements such as BMI using Full Body scanner and Physical Activity Level score was collected by filling questionnaire of International Physical Activity Questionnaire. The statistical analysis was done using Vassar Stats computational package. Correlation and regression was used to find out relationship between BMI and Physical Activity Level. In conclusion, the study showed that there is a negative significant relationship between BMI and Physical Activity Level among women in Bohra community.


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