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Strategic Management of Project Cost Control to Improve Green Project Management

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Management Limkokwing University, Limkokwing Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (10), Pages 1-9, October,2 (2015)


Green management is a model used to make the best decision regarding a project implementation so that the least environmental damages are resulted. All the management processes are affected by the green notion. It is needed to mention that the green management does not only mean to reduce the impact of activities on environment but means to consider the environment while making decisions. The present paper focuses on strategic management of project cost control to improve project management which has been conducted as a case study in Iran. To achieve the research objectives, the managersí and project expertsí opinions have been collected via the field method. Therefore, in order to follow the research purposes, the managersí and project expertsí opinions are used. Also, their opinions are studied in order to determine the research variables. In this research, the statistical population consists of contractors, engineers, and managers of the construction managers who use the green project management in their project. As the findings reveal, applying strategic management affects the index of principles of green project cost control.


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