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Table of Contents

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 3, Issue (5), Pages 1-103, May (2013)


Opportunities and Challenges in Electrochemiclas
Vasudevan S,Research Journal of Chemical Sciences,3(5), Res.J.chem.sci. (2013)

Research Paper

1. Determination of Sodium Sorption Capacity Using the Boehm Method
D. Markmanuel, TarawouT.,jnr. HorsfallM. (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 3-6.
2. Development of Eco-friendly Neutralizing Agents for Toluene Diisocyanate
Bakul Das,T.V.Ramana Reddy,MTK Balaji,T.Veera Reddy (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 7-11.
3. Monitoring of Heavy Metals in the complex "Nokou´┐Ż lake - Cotonou and Porto-Novo lagoon" ecosystem during three years in the Republic of Benin
E.A.P. Yehouenou,R. Adamou,P.J. Azehoun,P.A. Edorh,T. Ahoyo (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 12-18.
4. Effects of Activating Agents on the Activated Carbons Prepared from Lapsi Seed Stone
Sahira Joshi,Mandira Adhikari,BhadraPrasad Pokharel,RajaRam Pradhananga (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 19-24.
5. Open System Leaching of Sphalerite in Butanoic Acid Solution and Empirical Analysis of Zinc Extraction Based on Initial Solution pH, Leaching Time and Ore Mass-input
C.I. Nwoye,J.T. Nwabanne,J.U. Odo (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 25-31.
6. Characterization and Classification of Hydrochemistry using Multivariate Graphical and Hydrostatistical Techniques
Manoj K.,S Ghosh,P.K. Padhy (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 32-42.
7. Investigations on the Binary Mixtures of Organic Additives in Lubricating Oil - SAE15W40 through Ultrasound Velocity Measurements
Prathima A.,Karthikeyan S.,Jayalakshmi B.,Veerapandian G (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 43-46.
8. Valence Connectivity Indices and Shape Indices Based Study of Testosterone Derivatives as SHBG Ligand
SinghR.K.,Adil KhanMohd. (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 47-56.
9. Mouth Dissolving Tablets and Candies prepared from popularly Known Spices
Rajashree Rane,Divya Gangolli,Smita Panigrahy,Sarkar Saptashree,Sachin Kundalwal (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 57-62.
10. Assessment of the Levels of Some Trace Metals in Soils and Roots of Cassava Grown Under Usage of Agrochemicals in Some Parts of Benue State, Nigeria
J. Abah,S.T. Ubwa, AuduS.I.,S.P. Malu (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 63-70.
11. Evaluation of Thermodynamical Acoustic Parameters of Binary mixture of DBP with Toluene at 308K and at Different Frequencies
Mohanty N.,R. Paikaray (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 71-82.
12. The Rate of Reactions of Isomeric C2H5O+ and C3H7O+ Ions with Polyethylene Glycols and Polyethylene Glycols Ethers with Fourier Transformation/Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT/ICRMS)
O. OnigbindeAdebayo,B. Munson,Amos-Tautua ,M.W. Bamidele (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 83-88.
13. Production of Organic Fertilizer by Vermi-Composting Method
A. Gnanaprakasam,T. Kannadasan,ManojK.V. Prasath,AshifA. Syed,K. Elangovan (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 89-92.
14. Elimination of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions using Zeolite LTA Synthesized from Sudanese Clay
M.A. Ismail,M.A.Z. Eltayeb,S.A. AbdelMaged (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 93-98.

Review Paper

15. Non-Conventional Seed Oils as Potential Feedstocks for Future Biodiesel Industries: A Brief Review
Sanjay Basumatary (2013). Res.J.chem.sci., 3(5), 99-103.