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Thermal Diffusivity Behavior of Guadua angustifolia Kunth as a Function of Culm Zone and Moisture Content

Author Affiliations

  • 1Laboratorio de Optoelectrnica, Universidad del Quindo Apdo. Postal 2639 Armenia, COLOMBIA
  • 2 Centro de Investigacin en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnologa Avanzada del I.P.N, Unidad Legaria. 694, Col. Irrigacin, D.F, MXICO

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 1, Issue (9), Pages 17-23, December,18 (2011)


Guadua angustifolia Kunth is a giant graminea native of Central and South America. This plant captures a lot of carbon dioxide and protects hydrographic watersheds. For this reason, the growing of Guadua a. is considered environmentally favorable. Furthermore, the use of this forest resource as a structural and decorative element for building has been promoting recently due to its special physical characteristics. However, nowadays much of the production chain is inefficiently oriented by empirical and traditional knowledge. In particular, the drying process exerts influence on cracks that disqualifies the material for some artistic and industrial applications. Thermal characterization allows making models for drying according to particular characteristics of the material. Knowledge of thermal properties is also important for applications in which heat transfer can play an important role, such as in buildings. In this work, thermal diffusivity was measured as a function of the moisture content obtained during the drying process in samples of Guadua a. taking from the bottom, middle and top culm regions of the plants. Measurements were performed using the photoacoustic technique. Results show that thermal diffusivity increases with the moisture content but its value becomes the same along the bamboo. This behavior is highly correlated with the morpho-anatomical characteristics of the plant, which were determined through scanning electron microscopy.


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