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Influence of Local Dye on the Optical band-gap of Titanium Dioxide and its performance as a DSSC Material

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Physics, Federal College of Education, Technical, Umunze, Anambra, NIGERIA
  • 2Faculty of Science, Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State, NIGERIA
  • 3Department of Physics and Industrial Physics, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, NIGERIA

Res. J. Physical Sci., Volume 1, Issue (10), Pages 6-10, November,4 (2013)


Titanium dioxide has been extensively studied in recent decades for its important applications including pigments, protective coatings and thin film optical devices such as photovoltaics. Dye sensitized solar cell is a photoelectrochemical cell which utilizes the property of nanocrystalline wide band-gap metal oxide semiconductor porous electrode. The search for a method to narrow the optical band-gap of TiO2 plays a key role for enhancing its photocatalytic applications. The optical band-gap of a nanocrystalline titanium dioxide sensitized with anthocyanin local dye is determined in this work. Anthocyanin dye is a natural dye extracted from hibiscus sabdariffa which is an edible plant called zobo by Nigerians. A comparative study of the photovoltaic performance of anthocyanin-doped TiO2 is also shown in this work.


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