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Solving Bessel differential equation of order zero using exponentially fitted collocation approximation method

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Kano University of Science and Technology, P.M.B 3244 Wudil Kano State, Nigeria
  • 2Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Kano University of Science and Technology, P.M.B 3244 Wudil Kano State, Nigeria

Res. J. Mathematical & Statistical Sci., Volume 7, Issue (2), Pages 21-26, May,12 (2019)


This paper presents analytic-numeric solution Bessel differential equations of order zero using Exponentially Fitted Collocation Approximation Method (EFCAM). This technique was employed to obtain the analytic-numerical solutions of Bessel equations. The method introduces a significant improvement in solving differential equations on mathematical physics. The numerical results obtained by EFCAM are in good agreement with exact solution and available results in literature with little error and showed effectiveness of the proposed method.


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