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Effect of Dopant Concentration on the Film Properties of In-doped ZnO thin Films Prepared by sol–gel Method

Author Affiliations

  • 1Hochiminh City University of Natural Resources and Environment (HCMUNRE), Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 4, Issue (7), Pages 1-5, August,16 (2016)


We report on the effect of dopant concentration and substrate temperature on the electrical, optical and structural properties of In-doped ZnO thin films via sol-gel method using spin coating technique to tackle the problem of high instrumental costs for film deposition. In particular, the effect of In dopant concentration will study at wide range (from 1% up to 10%) by using spin coating technique in this work. The result shows that the substrate temperature at 430oC for deposited IZO film exhibited the lowest resistivity. The optimized condition for spin coating of IZO films at 5 at. % In doping which deposited at 430 °C exhibited lowest resistivity (5.58 x 10-3 &


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