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A Study of Various Projected Data based Pattern Mining Algorithms

Author Affiliations

  • 1LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA
  • 2Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA
  • 3Alfa College of Engineering and Technology, Khatraj, Kalol, Gujarat, INDIA

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 1, Issue (2), Pages 1-5, March,16 (2013)


The time required for generating frequent patterns plays an important role. Some algorithms are designed, considering only the time factor. Our study includes depth analysis of algorithms and discusses some problems of generating frequent pattern from the various algorithms. We have explored the unifying feature among the internal working of various mining algorithms. The work yields a detailed analysis of the algorithms to elucidate the performance with standard dataset like Mushroom etc. The comparative study of algorithms includes aspects like different support values, size of transactions.


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