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First record of Protoperidinium quinquecorne (Dinoflagellates) bloom in Dubai coastal waters at Al Mamzar Corniche

Author Affiliations

  • 1Coastal Environment Section, Environment Department, Dubai Municipality, Baniyas Street, P.O. Box 67, Dubai, UAE
  • 2Coastal Environment Section, Environment Department, Dubai Municipality, Baniyas Street, P.O. Box 67, Dubai, UAE
  • 3Coastal Environment Section, Environment Department, Dubai Municipality, Baniyas Street, P.O. Box 67, Dubai, UAE

Res. J. Marine Sci., Volume 9, Issue (1), Pages 1-7, December,13 (2021)


During our regular monitoring study of phytoplankton in Dubai coastal waters, moderate bloom of a marine dinoflagellate species, Protoperidinium quinquecorne was observed for the first time on 08th to 10th November, 2017 near Al Mamzar Corniche. The extent of the bloom in relation to the water quality of the region is reported. P. quinquecorne bloom was found in patches of about 700m in length and 50m width along the shoreline forming discoloration of water. The cell counts during the bloom period was 66.0 – 36.8 x 103L-1 at different sampling locations. Nutrient concentration in the study area during the bloom period was found to be normal. During the bloom period, conversely, there were higher values of Chlorophyll-a and Carotenoids. It is observed that the density of the bloom is related to the surface water temperature (i.e.) the density increased drastically when the surface water temperature was high during day time forming patches of the bloom. However, there were no fish kill occurred in the bloom region during this period.


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