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A Study on Marketing Strategies of Small and Medium sized Enterprises

Author Affiliations

  • 1 S.K. College of Business Management, (BBA Dept.), Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University Patan, Gujarat, INDIA

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 2, Issue (8), Pages 20-22, August,6 (2013)


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been the backbone of the Indian economy. The good part first. Employing close to 40% of India's workforce and contributing 45% to India's manufacturing output, SMEs play a critical role in generating millions of jobs, especially at the low-skill level. The country's 1.3 million SMEs account for 40% of India's total exports. The bad thing is that SMEs in India, due poor adoption of technology and marketing practices have led to very poor productivity. Although they employ 40% of India's workforce, they only contribute 17% to the Indian GDP. Now SME’s have realized the importance of various marketing practices as now they are utilizing various marketing tools like internet platform, digital advertising in metro cities, mobile applications for customers, CRM and many more The study aims to know various innovative marketing practices at SMEs, trends, challenges and other related issues.


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