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The Role of Minor Variables Such as Job and Family in Enforcing or Weakening the Religious and National Identity (Case Study: Students of Academic Institute of Charkhe Niloofari, Eastern Azerbaijan Province)

Author Affiliations

  • 1Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, IRAN
  • 2 M.A. of Management in University of industries and mines of Iran, IRAN
  • 3 General Director of Hormozgan Cement Company and DBA student, Bandarabbas, IRAN

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 1, Issue (1), Pages 53-55, August,6 (2012)


Nowadays the most important challenge facing the cultural authorities of the country is the emergence of adverse patterns in creating facelessness in youth, a generation that have had a poor narration of Islam and do not know anything about the aesthetic nature of it. Youth as a group, that must have the best growth and education, since they would create the future of the society. Moreover, the authorities and planners must receive the problems of the groups, find the roots and offer the suitable solution. Since we believe that, the best way to approach the problems is to face it form scientific view. Undoubtedly, in our society one of the main problems of the youth that has caused their bewilderment and has influenced many is the enfeeblement of religious identity. Hence, we decided to study the issue in all dimensions and scientifically.


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