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Microbial quality and antibiotic residues in pasteurised milk in and around Addis Ababa

Author Affiliations

  • 1Ethiopia Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute Bishoftu, East Shoa, Ethioipa
  • 2Dairy Science and Technology Department, Hawassaa University College of Agriculture Hawassa, Southern, Ethiopia
  • 3Dairy Science and Technology Department, Hawassaa University College of Agriculture Hawassa, Southern, Ethiopia

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 8, Issue (12), Pages 16-26, December,10 (2019)


Milk samples were collected in and around Addis Ababa city from nine milk processing plants and twenty three supermarkets. A total of 100 (27 from line, 27 from packed, 46 from supermarkets) pasteurized milk samples were collected. The overall average of total bacteria and coliform count of pasteurized milk from processing plants and supermarkets was 5.08 log10cfu ml-1, 4.059 log10 cfu ml-1, 5.44 log10cfu ml-1 and 3.89 log10cfu ml-1 respectively. In all processing plants and supermarkets yeast and mould was not detected. Coliform and total bacterial count did not significantly vary (P>0.05) in pasteurized milk from the different categories of processing plants. The average total bacterial count in milk from different categories of supermarkets were significantly different (P<0.05). To ensure safety and quality of milk and health of the public, it is suggested to follow hygienic practice on milk production and handling.


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