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Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera : Cicindelidae) along Riverine Habitat in Mizoram, North East India

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Zoology, Government Champhai College, Champhai, Mizoram-796 321, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 2, Issue (1), Pages 30-34, January,10 (2013)


Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera : Cicindelidae) are fascinating, colourful insects with shining of various shades, carnivorous in habits, differentiated from other beetles in having prominent eyes on head and head and eyes are larger than pronotum. Mandibles are large and sickle shaped. No mention of Tiger Beetles has been made in Fauna of Mizoram, 2007, published by Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta. This paper highlights, first ever studies on tiger beetles on riverine habitat, documents, total 10 species of Tiger Beetles of sub family Cicindelinae, based on systematic surveys conducted, from June 2009 to May 2012, along riverine habitat, at Champhai District of Mizoram, North East India for the first time.


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