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Table of Contents

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 5, Issue (6), Pages 1-72, June (2016)

Research Paper

1. Seasonal Variation of Physico Chemical Parameters in Ground Water of Gwalior City, MP, India
Maurya* Navita ,Pandey Anish C (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 1-5.
2. Correlation of Cooking duration and Phytonutrient release in Vegetable
Barkataki Manash P.,Bhattacharya Mahua,Bhoir Roshni,Pillai Nisha,J.R. Parvathi,Lilwani Simran R* (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 6-12.
3. Cluster, Consumers and Producers who care about Origin Labeling
Yosini Deliana (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 13-23.
4. Biochemical Analysis of Lipids and Proteins in three Freshwater Teleosts (Clarias batrachus, Channa punctatus, Anabas testudineus)
Singh* Sanatan,Dixit P.K.,Patra A.K. (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 24-33.
5. Synthesis, Chemical Stability and Comparative Anti-Hypertensive Activity of Indolizine Derivatives of Propranolol
Mangathayaru V* Sreevalli,Das Amit Kumar,Uppala Pavani ,Jallapally Anvesh (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 34-39.
6. Seasonal variation of Heavy metal concentration in Polygonum chinensis from Ambazari lake of Nagpur, MH, India
Belkhode Sheetal*,Kalambe Ashok,Panhekar Deepa (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 40-44.
7. Bioremediation of Hexavalent Chromium by Pseudomonas spp.
Murtaza Hajoori*,Tank S.K. (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 45-49.
8. Television News Trust Shapes Political Participative Behavior of Citizens: An Empirical Investigation in a Collectivist Cultural Context
Rehman Mohsin Abdur,Sohail Danial,Ali Mirza Zaar,Fakharuzaman Muhammad (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 50-58.
9. Toxic impacts of Leaf extract of Clerodendrum infortunatum on the Ultrastructure of the Midgut epithelium of sixth instar larvae of Orthaga exvinacea Hampson
Nambiar* Jagadeesh G,Ranjini K.R.,Chandrasekhar Sagar B.K. (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 59-67.

Research Article

10. Response of Double-Clamped Micro-Beams to the Casimir Force and SQFD Resting on Strain Gradient Elasticity Theory
Ghiasi* Emran Khoshrouye (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(6), 68-72.