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Table of Contents

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 6, Issue (10), Pages 1-26, October (2017)

Research Paper

1. Toxicological evaluation and health implication of private borehole water consumption in satellites towns of Abuja, Nigeria
Nwidu Lucky Legbosi,Ohemu Benson Okpe (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 1-9.

Short Communication

2. Antibacterial screening of novel Mannich bases of 5H-dibenzo [b,f]azepine-5-corboxamide
Sheela Joshi,Kapil Vyas (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 10-13.

Short Case Study

3. Introduction, applications and scope of predictive data analysis in boiler feed systems
Arshil Ali Khan (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 14-16.

Short Review Paper

4. Analysis of a catalytic converter for pollution prevention from compression ignition engine based automobiles
S.S.K. Deepak,Mukesh Thakur (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 17-19.
5. Aqua silencer
Harshit Saraswat (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 20-22.
6. Medicinal plant of genus ipomoea: present scenario, challenges and future prospective
Deepa Srivastava (2017). Res. J. Recent Sci., 6(10), 23-26.