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Effect of Temperature on Membrane Integrity of Human Spermatozoa

Author Affiliations

    Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (ISC-2014), Pages 152-154, (2015)


    Temperature plays a very important role in the integrity of human spermatozoa. During in vitro fertilization, it is necessary to maintain optimum temperature to maintain the viability of sperms outside the body, especially in cases of male factor infertility where only a few sperms are available for use. A functional membrane is required for the sperm to properly fertilize the oocyte, because it plays a key role in capacitation of the sperm, acrosome reaction and binding of the sperm to the surface of the oocyte. This study was conducted to observe the effect of temperature on human spermatozoa and thus deduce the optimum temperature for good survival of the sperms. Semen samples were collected from normozoospermic patients. Processed semen samples were exposed to two different temperatures, and the membrane integrity of the sperms was assessed by performing hypo-osmotic swelling test and the sperms were checked for tail-curling under 200x microscope.


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