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Studies on the Various Physico − Chemical Parameters of dam Water in Irrukkankudi, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Zoology, Ayya nadar Janaki Ammal College (Autonomous), Sivakasi 626 124. Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (ISC-2013), Pages 279-282, (2014)


This study is to be carried out to assess the physico-chemical parameters with reference to seasons in Irukkankudi Dam, Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. The various water parameters such as temperature (TEM), Total dissolved solids (TDS), Electrical conductivity (EC) and chemical parameters such as pH, Alkalinity and total hardness (TH) were carried out. In addition, the ions such as, sodium (Na), potassium (k), iron (Fe), magnisium (Mg), nitrate and nitrite were also analysed. From this we understand that the condition of this dam showed fluctuation in water qualities.


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