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Highly Nutritious Designed Soyaladoo Supplementation to Malnourished Preschool Children and it's Benefits on their Nutrient Intake

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Pravara Rural Education Society’s; Home Science and BCA College, Loni. Taluka -Rahata, District-Ahmednagar, Gujarat, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (9), Pages 15-18, September,2 (2014)


Malnutrition among preschool children is now a global problem. Formulation of the food products of low cost and highly nutritiuon is only the solution to overcome the problem hence the visionary design of the soyaladoo is done. Organoleptically high scored soyaladoo was taken for supplementation. The nutritional qualities likes major nutrients such as energy(470.0kcal), proteins (20.1 g) and fats (22.0 g) content found more in soyaladoo. The micro nutrients such as iron (6.3 mg), zinc (3.8 mg) and calcium (286.5 mg) were also observed higher range in soyaladoo. It also noted, very less antinutrtional factors like phytate phosphorous (160mg), tannin (0.34 mg), tryspin inhibitor activity (5.5ml), acid detergent fiber (1.31g), cellulose (1.00g) and lignin (0.3ml) etc. Soyaladoo has also shown very low production cost. Hence, it found very cheap and affordable to the below poverty line group ofmalnourishedchildren. Significant improvements in nutrients intake were seen after supplementation of soyaladoo for six months to preschool malnourishedchildren. The supplementation was given at the @ 50gm/child/day.


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