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Table of Contents

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 2, Issue (4), Pages 1-85, April (2012)

Research Paper

1. Extraction of Phenol from Industrial Water Using Different Solvents
Jabrou SallyN. (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 1-12.
2. Studies on the effect of pH on the sorption of Al3 and Cr6 Ions from aqueous solutions by Almond Tree (Terminalia catappa L.) Biomass
A. EnemoseEdith,S.A. Osakwe (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 13-17.
3. Synthesis of Substituted Imidazoles via a Multi-Component Condensation Catalyzed by p-toluene Sulfonic Acid, PTSA
Vikrant Kumar,Ritu Mamgain,Neha Singh (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 18-23.
4. Corrosion Protection of Zinc in Natural Sea Water using Citrullus Vulgaris peel as an Inhibitor
A. Petchiammal,P. DeepaRani,S. Selvaraj,K. Kalirajan (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 24-34.
5. Biomethanation of Dairy Waste
D.P. Deshpande,P.J. Patil,S.V. Anekar (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 35-39.
6. Synthesis, Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of some new Bipyrazolic Tripodal Derivatives
Smaail RADI,Yahya Toubi,Imad Hamdani,Abdelkader Hakkou,Faiza Souna,Imane Himri,Mohammed Bouakka (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 40-44.
7. Monitoring, Assessment and Status of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Pollution in the Urban Atmosphere of Delhi, India
A.K. Singh,Neetu Tomer,C.L. Jain (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 45-49.
8. Density and Viscosities for the Binary Mixtures of 1, 4-Dioxane and Benzene or Chlorobenzene at 303.15, 308.15, 313.15 K and a Pressure of 0.1MPa
K. SaravanaKumar,T.R. Kubendran (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 50-56.

Short Communication

9. Microwave Drying of Onion Slices
S.B. Kalse,M.M. Patil,S.K. Jain (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 57-60.
10. Characterization and Pesticidal Studies of some new Dibutyltin (IV) Derivatives of 1-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
Pankaj Mittal,PachouriManoj Kumar (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 61-63.
11. Visible Light Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of some Textile Dyes Using Silver Nano Particles
J. Santhanalakshmi,R. Komalavalli (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 64-67.
12. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies of Some Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases
Y.K. Gupta,S.C. Agarwal,S.P. Madnawat,Narain Ram (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 68-71.
13. Chromium and Cobalt levels in Commonly used Paediatric Syrups in Nigeria
I.I. Roberts,O.E. Orisakwe,I. ChijokeNwauche,B. Dooka (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 72-75.
14. New methods for Data Analysis of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry for studying binding of two n-alkyl Xanthates to Mushroom Tyrosinase
G. RezaeiBehbehani,L. Barzegar,M. Mehreshtiagh,M. Mosavi,A.A. Saboury (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 76-78.

Review Paper

15. Modeling and Simulation Study of the CSTR for Complex Reaction by Using Polymath
G. KanseNitin,P.B. Dhanke,Abhijit Thombare (2012). Res.J.chem.sci., 2(4), 79-85.