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Study on novel polymeric ligand based on bismaleimide

Author Affiliations

  • 1Chemistry Department, Sir P.T. Science College, Modasa, Gujarat, India
  • 2Chemistry Department, Sir P.T. Science College, Modasa, Gujarat, India

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 12, Issue (2), Pages 41-45, June,18 (2022)


Michael addition reactions of 1, 4-phenylene bismaleimide (PB) with benzidine dicarboxylic acid (BDC) affords polymeric ligand (PB-BDC). Elemental analysis, spectral study and TGA were carried out of all PB-BDC. The transition metal chelates of Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, Co2+, Mn2+ metal ions with PB-BDC were prepared and characterized all by metal: ligand ratio, spectral studies, magnetic moment and thermogravimetry. Antimicrobial activity of all polymer samples was carried out against various plant pathogens.


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