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Mechanistic study of chromium (VI) catalyzed oxidation of benzyl alcohol by polymer supported chromic acid

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Chemistry,B.Raghunath College, Parbhani, 431 401 Maharashtra, INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 1, Issue (1), Pages 25-30, April,18 (2011)


The oxidation of benzyl alcohol has been studied spectrophotometrically to compare the polymer substrate supported reagent with a commercially available cross-linked polymeric reagent. The reagent supported on anion exchange resin was found to be more efficient in the oxidation reaction. The reagent is very easily separated from the reaction mixture and can be manually removed from the reaction mixture, which remains clear during and after the reaction. The kinetics of oxidation of benzyl alcohol with chromic acid supported on anion exchange resin like Tulsion-T-52 A [Cl] in 1, 4-dioxane has been studied. The reaction is found to be of zero order each in concentration of alcohol and oxidant. The oxidation product have been isolated and characterized by its derivative, UV and FT-IR spectral studies. The effect of substituent’s on the rate of oxidation and the thermodynamic parameters were determined with respect to slow step of mechanism.


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