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Table of Contents

Res. J. Physical Sci., Volume 1, Issue (3), Pages 1-29, April (2013)

Research Paper

1. Fracture Distribution within Bowen University Permanent Site and Its Hydrogeologic Implication
O.A. Alagbe,L.A. Sunmonu,M.A. Adabanija (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(3), 1-5.
2. Analysis of Ionicity using Plasmon Energy and Electro Negativity Difference of Binary Tetrahedral Semiconductors and Ionic Compounds
Sanjay Kumar Gorai (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(3), 6-11.
3. Utrasonic Study on Ternary Mixture of Diethyl Acetamide (DMAC) in Diethyl ether and Acetone
Ashok Kumar Dash,Rita Paikaray (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(3), 12-20.
4. The Role of Lattice Displacement on Brillouin Polarization in a Magnetized n-InSb Crystal
Arun Shukla,K.L. Jat (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(3), 21-25.
5. Study on EMIC Waves in multi-ions around the Plasmapause Region
Jivan Sharma,G. Ahirwar (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(3), 26-29.