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Table of Contents

Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., Volume 4, Issue (9), Pages 1-19, September (2016)

Research Paper

1. A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude Regarding importance Birth Spacing Methods among Primi Postnatal Mothers in Postnatal Ward at Rajiv Gandhi Government Women and Children Hospital Puducherry, India
S.* Priyadharshini ,Dash Manjubala (2016). Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., 4(9), 1-4.
2. A miR302 mRNA Up-regulation Associated with Soft Tissue Sarcoma Grade
Humaryanto* .,Nurhalim S. M. , Syukrani Yoni F., Hidajat Nucky N. (2016). Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., 4(9), 5-10.
3. Comparative study of Serum Immunoglobulin levels in Healthy Pregnant and Pregnant Subjects with HIV and Malaria Infection in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
F.S. Amah-Tariah ,M.T. Bekinbo,D.V. Dapper (2016). Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., 4(9), 11-16.

Short Communication

4. Physical Activity level among Medical Education Students
Vinod Supriya K.,Sudhan S.G. (2016). Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., 4(9), 17-19.