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Effect of Dalk layyen with Roghane Gule Aakh in Cervical Spondylosis- A Pre and Post analysis Clinical study

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Dept of Moalajat (Gen. Medicine), Saifiya Hamidia Unani Tibbiya College, Khandwa Road, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
  • 2 Dept of Moalajat (Gen. Medicine), National Institute of Unani Medicine, Kottigepalya, Magadi main road, Bangalore, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., Volume 3, Issue (1), Pages 5-8, January,28 (2015)


Dalk Layyen is a type of gentle massage and it is being in use to treat various musculoskeletal ailments including joints pain. An observational trial pre and post analysis was conducted to evaluate the effect of Dalk layyen (Gentle Massage) with Roghane Gule Aakh a pharmacopoeial Unani poly herbal formulations oil. Intervention was carried out in 15 patients over a period of 21days. Primary outcome measure was VAS and NPQ. Secondary end points consisted of all other subjective parameter i.e Axial neck pain / radiating neck pain, tenderness of the neck, difficulty in neck movement and paraesthesia in upper extremities. Paired‘t’ test and fisher exact test were used for statistical analysis. Significant improvements in objective parameters were observed after 21days of treatment. The mean of pain was reduced and shows highly significant result (P0.001) reduction in tender level was observed in 40 % of patients (P0.005) no significant change in paraesthesia and no change in Spurling and the Neck Distraction Test. Highly significant change (p0.001) was observed in NPQ.


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