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Table of Contents

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 5, Issue (2), Pages 1-23, February (2017)

Research Paper

1. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of MgO supported metal catalysts in synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone
Tushar Shamba Anvekar,Kanika K. Korgaonkar,Hari Kadam (2017). Res. J. Material Sci., 5(2), 1-6.
2. Studies on flame retardant vinyl ester resin
Patel R.H.,Sevkani V.R. (2017). Res. J. Material Sci., 5(2), 7-12.
3. Synthesis and studies of sputter deposited ZnO films
Pranav Y. Dave,Sushant K. Rawal (2017). Res. J. Material Sci., 5(2), 13-16.

Research Article

4. Lattice vibrations of mixed chromite spinels
A.K. Kushwaha (2017). Res. J. Material Sci., 5(2), 17-23.