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Res. J. Language and Literature Sci., Volume 2, Issue (6), Pages 1-4, June (2015)

Research Article

1. The Conflict between Wish and Prohibition: the Study of Freudian Theory
Mahrukh Khan, Res. J. Language and Literature Sci., 2(6),1-4(2015)

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The objective of this article is to examine the fight between desire and prevention through the theory of Oedipus Complex by Freud, which provides upsurge to (socially determined) sentiments of guiltiness in the boy, who distinguishes that it could never displace the well-made father. A son also observes himself to be at threat. He worries about the sexual attraction for his mother if he perseveres in following, he might be maltreated by the dad; particularly, he feels anxiety that he might be castrated. As the term "castration anxiety" has established before. In this anxiety sensual wishes absorbed to the parent of the opposed gender, because castration anxiety provoked through the boy's trepidation of reprisal from the opposing parent, were at their generally extreme. It results, together the attraction for the mom and the scorn are usually suppressed, and the young child generally resolves the contention of the Oedipus complex by coming to recognize with the similar gender parent.