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Res. J. Language and Literature Sci., Volume 1, Issue (7), Pages 1-4, November (2014)

Research Paper

1. Factors Responsible for Female Foeticide
Nisha Jitendra Singh Kushwaha and Kiran Arun Sharma, Res. J. Language and Literature Sci., 1(7),1-4(2014)

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There are numerous interlinked webs, which are to be blamed for the practice of female foeticide. These underlining causes which are discussed in this article are conditions in which female foeticide is practiced on a large scale in various parts of India. Every practice of violence against women has some age-old reasoning behind it, which is strongly supported by people who justify the practices like infanticide and foeticide. Therefore it is essential to find such causes which have supported such practices since many decades and still continue to suppress the status of women in Indian Society. The reasons for the practice of female foeticide are somehow similar amongst various countries where daughter elimination is supported. The lawmakers and the judiciary should take immediate effective steps to handle such causes, which are root cause of such practice. Valuing of women should be encouraged and all the reasons for which female foeticide is practiced should be eliminated so that women feel secure of her birth and her existence.