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The Queens of Bengal who wrote their own History

Author Affiliations

  • 1History Department, Saldiha College, Bankura

Res. J. Language and Literature Sci., Volume 10, Issue (3), Pages 26-28, September,19 (2023)


Till today, women are showed as weaker sex. In medieval age the condition of women in India was miserable. Generally they were thought to be confined in cooking and serving male members of the house. But there were some queens in Bengal in the medieval period. They by their activities proved that women are not of weaker sex. In this article, I will be telling about two queens of Bengal who are Rani Bhabasankari and Rani Chandraprabha respectively. Rani Bhabasankari took the charge of her husband’s kingdom in the time of its distress and led the kingdom successful with repulsing Afghan attacks. In another side Rani Chandraprabha did not dare to kill her husband, whose role was against the people of the kingdom and common people had been requesting the queen Chandraprabha to save them from the torture of the state.


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