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Pharmacokinetic assessment of transdermal patch loaded with solid dispersions of tenoxicam

Author Affiliations

  • 1IPT, SPMVV (Women′s University), Tirupati, AP, India
  • 2IPT, SPMVV (Women′s University), Tirupati, AP, India

Res. J. of Pharmaceutical Sci., Volume 8, Issue (2), Pages 1-5, December,30 (2019)


Tenoxicam (TNX), synthetic NSAID indicated for the therapy of rheumatoid arthritis and to relief acute pain. It has poor solubility. Solubility of tenoxicam was enhanced by formulation of solid dispersions. To assess whether solubility is increased or not, the present research work is aimed to estimate the in-vivo plasma concentration of patch with solid dispersions of tenoxicam and patch loaded with pure tenoxicam using RP-HPLC method. Pharmacokinetic parameters like Cmax, t1/2, and AUC0-24 of patch made with solid dispersions of tenoxicam were found to be 2.131&


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