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Table of Contents

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 9, Issue (1), Pages 1-29, January (2020)

Research Paper

1. Performance improvements using multi server queuing model by reducing customer wait time of a bank
Azad Tanzila ,Hasnain Amitsaha,Sithil Shaikh ,Rafi Rafiul (2020). Res. J. Management Sci., 9(1), 1-10.
2. Priorities human resource management using DEMATEL and ANP
Nazarifard Fariba ,Broumand Zahra ,Amirkabiri Alireza (2020). Res. J. Management Sci., 9(1), 11-18.

Case Study

3. Six-sigma methodology: its role in measuring and improving customer satisfaction at Alnoran Hotel, Libya
Elshahoupy Naser ,Gnieber Omar Khalifa (2020). Res. J. Management Sci., 9(1), 19-29.