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Development Synergi city of coastal areas dealing ASEAN integration in Riau province

Author Affiliations

  • 1Regional Development Studies at the University of Riau, Indonesia

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 7, Issue (1), Pages 6-9, January,6 (2018)


ASEAN as an organization of countries in Southeast Asia want to realize a solid economic region, and be calculated in the international economic arena. One important milestone is how to become a unitary territory of markets and production bases. In the country of Indonesia the ASEAN integration has been welcomed by the enactment of Law no. 6/2014 on the Village and some economic policies of the Indonesian government (2015-2019). The problem of this research is \"how the important pillar implications of market integration and production base occur in the forefront and hinterland in Riau Province?\". This research is a qualitative research that describes the social potential of economic sector in the area of the district that directly face the area of Integration of Economic Community Asean. This research uses secondary data analysis and has been done since August to October 2016 in Pekanbaru. The research findings are on the agricultural sector not yet the synergy of policies and practices between the front and the hinterland areas, especially the production of sago commodity crops. Likewise on the trade aspect of Institutional Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives as providers. In the transportation sector where the transportation network of the sea connections in the outermost areas of the district of Meranti and in the hinterland region that is in Siak district also found not synergized policy between the two. The economic policy of the government welcomed the ASEAN Integration in the form of a package of economic policies not yet seen and downgraded into the policies of the provincial and district level. enhancement of added value of the region\'s superior potential which seeks to increase its quantity and added value, connecting growth centers with buffer zones, building regional infrastructures, increasing human and science capacity and technology, formulation of regulation for improvement of investment climate and business climate not implemented yet, his thesis is \"Synergy of coastal development policy; leading areas and hinterlands in Riau province in the setting of the ASEAN Economic Community has not occurred \".


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