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Explore the Factors Affecting the Project of Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP) Lahore-Pakistan while it's Execution

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Institute of Business and Management, University of Engineering and Technology, IB and M-UET Lahore-PAKISTAN
  • 2 Management Sciences Department, National University of Computer and Emerging Science, FAST-NUCES, Lahore, PAKISTAN

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 4, Issue (10), Pages 1-7, November,6 (2015)


This Review Paper is aimed to explain the development process of Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore .It explains the barriers faced during implementation of execution plan. This article contains the factors which effect the implementation of project. It also describes how security laps, energy crisis and political conditions effect on different projects in Pakistan. To collect whole information we conduct different interviews; attend meetings and seminars which eventually will assist to different researcher about Project management in Pakistan. Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore, Pakistan has been developed for the country’s Information Technology (IT) industry initiatives by providing a world-class high tech facility for the New Economy. It is constructed to provide a favorable environment of international standards to attract knowledge-based industries such as Information Technology (IT), Infocomm Technology (ICT), Research and Development (RandD) and Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) as well as to attract and retain local and foreign intellectual talent. The potential economic benefits of this project is the generation of revenues from Call Centers, software houses, Telecommunication and IT enabled services companies.


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