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Comparative Advantage of India in Buffalo Meat exports Vis-a-vis Major Exporting countries

Author Affiliations

  • 1 National Reseach Centre on Meat (NRCM), Hyderabad-500 092, INDIA

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 3, Issue (2), Pages 8-14, February,6 (2014)


Indian has occupied Supreme position in the global Buffalo Meat market over the years. Today India is a major supplier of Buffalo Meat to the international market. However, its competitiveness has not yet been properly documented. This paper analysis the competitiveness of India’s buffalo exports by using the method Revealed Symmetric Comparative Advantage(RSCA). The results showed that the country faces fierce competition from other major players in the field, both existing and new entrants in the fray. Though Buffalo meat takes lion’s share in total meat exports from India, its competitiveness with other major exporting countries is eroding over the years. Item wise analysis shows that India has comparative advantage only in the exports of Meat of Bovine Animals, Frozen, Boneless(020230), Meat of Bovine Animals, Frozen (Excl. of 0202.10), Bone-In(020220), Carcasses/Half-Carcasses of Bovine Animals, Frozen(020210). In the remaining items, it is not able to compete with the other players.India may have to face the competition from USA in case of Meat of Bovine Animals, Frozen, Boneless(020230) where India has competitive advantage over all other exporting countries. India has comparative advantage only in case of frozen items. This is major concern for India. India has to analyse the reasons for less comparative advantage in case of fresh, Chilled items and other items and has to take appropriate measures to take advantage of largest growing Buffalo meat sector.


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