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Work-Life Balance of Labor in Plastic Industry of Pakistan

Author Affiliations

  • 1International Islamic University, Islamabad,PAKISTAN
  • 2 Department of Banking and Finance, Government College (GC) University, Faisalabad, PAKISTAN

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 2, Issue (11), Pages 29-33, November,6 (2013)


knowledge of the labor laws and its practices exercised in the local industry. Best design for this research could possibly be the quantitative analysis of the findings. The questionnaire is designed on a 5 point scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. All the qualitative information is decoded by the help of SPSS in order to run the statistical tests and techniques for having reliable findings. We conclude from the point of labor that there exists an imbalance in the work and social life in the specific industry and there exists the unwillingness of the labor to work at the current wages. Inability to meet the monthly expenses, overburden of work, per absent wage deduction is the main issues highlighted by the labor. And the practices like no annual increment, bonuses and compensations are also criticized by them. Geographical area appropriate to conduct this research was Gujranwala. Sample size of 8-10 firms was selected whose results can differ in case, the sample size is enhanced. Exception of human error exists. Cost is one of the limitations. This paper will help industry researchers and employers in a way to better understand the demands of the labor and focus their problems. Labor law associations can claim their rights by using our research findings as a base. Research was conducted by staying unbiased to uncover the ground realities happening in the specific industry. Information for the literature study of global plastic trends, Pakistani industry and practices is coated and referenced as well.


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