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A study of packaged fruit juices: preference and availability

Author Affiliations

  • 1IESs Management College and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • 2IESs Management College and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 10, Issue (1), Pages 1-6, January,6 (2021)


India is a country of varied climates and temperatures. Summer is the most prolonged season right from sweltering hot from April to June to sultry and humid from July to September. Apart from drinking water, fruit juices provide a great respite for quenching thirst. The study was done to understand the preference and availability of packaged juices during the summer season. The study was done by reaching out to distributors, retailers and consumers. Results of the study gave insights about the buying behaviour of consumers, retailers as well as distributors. Study concluded that mango flavoured drink is the most preferred flavour for consumption and Frooti is the market leader in the category of packaged fruit juices. The results of the study will be useful for the companies during the launch of a new fruit juice in the market. This will help companies in understanding if the product has the potential to stay in a competitive fruit juice market.


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