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Table of Contents

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 6, Issue (6), Pages 1-55, July (2017)

Research Paper

1. Enhanced security for video steganography using discrete wavelet packet transform
Sahu Parinita,Sinha Swapnil (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 1-7.

Research Article

2. Designing and contrastive inquisition of spread-isolated and strap-combined footing underlying economical criterion and behavioural aspects pursuant to Chhattisgarh region in India
Rathore Vikram Singh,Gupta M.K. (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 8-18.
3. Performance measurement of different M-Ary phase signalling schemes in AWGN channel
Singh Awadhesh Kumar ,Singh Nar (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 19-23.
4. Simulation of force sensor based on ring resonator in photonic crystal structure
Sanghvi Anjali S.,Sahu Vikas,Shrivastava Sharad Mohan (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 24-27.

Review Paper

5. Protection of transmission line and distribution system by using support vector machine: a Review
Rahangdale Roshni,Gupta Archana (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 28-32.
6. A review on: recognition of human emotions based on the ananlysis of EEG Physiological Signal
Chandani Manisha,Kumar Arum (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 33-38.
7. Effect of different reinforcement on mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composites
Sahu Prem Shankar,Banchhor Raghwendra (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 39-45.
8. Energy and exergy analysis of different type of coal based thermal power plant by heat recovery approach
Kumar Umesh,Pal Manoj Kumar (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 46-51.

Short Review Paper

9. Effective utilization of construction and demolished waste concrete-review
Dhapekar N.K.,Mishra S.P. (2017). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 6(6), 52-55.