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Soil to plant Transfer Factors of Radionuclides in Ficus racemosa (L.), a Medicinal plant

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Physics, St. Philomena College, Puttur, 574202, INDIA
  • 2University Science and Instrumentation Centre, Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri, 574 199, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 4, Issue (9), Pages 43-47, September,10 (2015)


Ficus racemosa (L.),a naturally grown medicinal plant, from malnad region of Kerala state in India, was analysed for natural and artificial radionuclides, 226Ra, 210Pb, 232Th, 40K and 137Cs, using a high resolution HPGe gamma spectrometer. The transfer factors (TF), average annual committed effective dose (AACED), and threshold annual consumption rate of medicinal plant were also estimated. The activity concentrations of 226Ra, 210Pb, 232Th, 40K and 137Cs were found to be 31.161.30, 31.494.20, 51.342.24, 225.0012.91, and 3.650.60 Bqkg-1, 1.280.17, 14.241.83, 1.340.27, 384.472.83 Bqkg-1, and BDL, respectively in soil of the rooting area and bark of the plant respectively. In leaves of this plant activity concentrations of these radionuclides were BDL, 98.379.09, BDL, 1043.0077.28 Bqkg-1, and BDL respectively. The estimated values of AACED due to consumption of this plant were found to be far below the world average of 0.3 mSv/y. Thus present study shows that there is no radiological health risk of using this medicinal plant for treating the diseases.


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