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Evaluation of low Level Laser and Autogenous Platelet-Rich –Plasma (PRP) in Repair of experimental Stifle articular Cartilage defect in Rabbits

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Dept. of Veterinary Surgery, Faculty of Specialized Veterinary Sciences, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, IRAN
  • 2 Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN
  • 3 Department of Pathology, Faculty of Specialized Veterinary Sciences, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, IRAN

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 3, Issue (4), Pages 5-10, April,10 (2014)


The objective of this study was to evaluate the direct effects of low level laser following intra articular PRP injection for repair of distal femoral cartilage defect. The experiment was conducted on 25 male adult New Zealand white rabbits. Under general anesthesia, using a dental drill, a whole 4 milimeter in diameter and 1.5 milimeter in depth was made in the inner aspect of the medial condyle of femoral bone in each rabbit. The rabbits were admeasured into 5 groups of 5 rabbits each. The first group, considered a normal group, whereas the second group, distilled water injected. In third group, the created hole was filled with autologous PRP (1 ml intra-articular) for three times with one week interval. In the fourth group, the defect area was subjected to low level laser therapeutic regimen of low level laser irradiation with (P= 100 mW, WL= 650 nm, A = 1 J cm, T= 1 minute) for 15 days. Whereas in the fifth group, the area was immediately subjected to therapeutic regimen of low level Laser irradiation for 15 days with 1 ml intra-articular administration of PRP extracted from ear vein blood triple times with one week interval duration. The sample from cartilage defected and treated area was evaluated histopathologically at the end of the two months and was assessed histomorphometrically too. Histopathology evaluation of defects was performed with H&E and Trichrome staining. The findings demonstrated that intra-articular injection of PRP and even laser alone provides suitable ground for lying ground substance at the cartilage defect area. The defects were filled with smooth, shiny white tissue macroscopically at two months after triple PRP administration along with laser irradiation. Despite much connective tissue formed in defect area, in control group there was no evidence of chondrocytes in this group, whereas there was trace of chondrocytes in defects area in group III, IV and group V were almost completely filled with hyaline cartilage; but it seems to need more time to fill the defect perfectly in other three groups. The results indicated there is positive possibility for partial resurfacing of cartilage defect using PRP along with laser.


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