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A study on the Level of Test Anxiety of B.A. 2nd Semester Students of Provincialised Colleges of Nalbari Town in Relation to their Academic Achievement

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University, Nalbari-781335, Assam, INDIA

Res. J.Educational Sci., Volume 3, Issue (5), Pages 10-13, June,1 (2015)


College education is an important part of higher education. Academic achievement is one of the important aspects which may determine the future success of the college students. Test anxiety is one of the factors which influences academic achievement of students. The present study may contribute to better understanding of the level of ‘test anxiety’, of B.A. 2ndsemester students of Nalbari town and its relation with their academic achievement.Therefore, the present study is significant. Descriptive survey method has been used. Incidental sampling has been used to select to select the sample of students. “Test Anxiety Scale” constructed and standardized by Prof. V.P. Sharma was used by the investigator as tool by the investigator for the present study .The major finding of the present study is that there is a significant positive correlation between test anxiety and academic achievement of B.A. 2nd semester students of provincialised colleges of Nalbari Town. High parental pressure, teacher’s pressure, poor previous performance etc. may be the causes of high test anxiety. The educational authority, parents, teachers, college authority, educational personnels etc should make cooperative effort to solve this problem.


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