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Interpersonal Conflict Management Strategies in Private Schools of Kpk, Pakistan

Author Affiliations

  • 1 All are in department of education, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, PAKISTAN

Res. J.Educational Sci., Volume 1, Issue (6), Pages 1-7, August,1 (2013)


Conflict has been a debatable topic for discussion in the academic circle both in business management as well as with educational leaders. All organizations are replete with one or other type of conflict. The main focus of discussion of this paper is on the management of these conflicts by the principals. This paper aimed at the investigation of knowing about the interpersonal conflict among the staff members and then to investigate the Interpersonal Conflict Management Strategies in Private Schools of KPK (Pakistan). Data were collected from both principals as well as vice-principals of the selected schools of District Charsadda. Questionnaires were served to both type of target population who gave their responses regarding the existence of conflict and its management styles by the principals. The tabulated data were analyzed through Kendallís Tau B and Tau C. Findings show that interpersonal conflict (0.0030.05) exists, principalsí role as mediator (0.0010.05) in the school show that principals play an important role, about the win-win situation the findings of the study show that this is also adopted by some of the principals. It is further revealed that in the studyís findings that all the schools are replete with one or other type of conflict, to handle these conflicts different conflict management strategies have been followed by different persons. It is further recommended that the best strategies should be followed by the principals.


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