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Status Report: King Cobra Ophiophagous hannah (Cantor, 1836) (Reptilia: Elapidae) in Mizoram, North East India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Zoology, Government Champhai College, Mizoram, 796321, India

Res. J. Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sci., Volume 4, Issue (4), Pages 10-13, April,24 (2016)


King cobra Ophiophagous hannah (Cantor, 1836) is a fascinating snake found in India. This is a largest venomous snake which feeds on other snakes, dwelling in deep forests and rarely encountered near human habitation. This is not a very common species of snakes in India. King Cobra is a protected reptile in India under Wildlife (protection) Act, 1972, and hence, any sort of killing and capture is prohibited under the law. Author has encountered some instances of this snake being killed for various reasons in many remote areas of the state. The fact is based on personal observations and other published reports. Main purpose of the paper is to highlights the status of the snake and its conservation needs.


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