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Studies on Ichthyofaunal Diversity with special reference to Monthly and Seasonal variations of Fish Landings in glacial fed mountainous Goriganga River of Kumaun Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Zoology, Kumaun University Soban Singh Jeena Campus Almora -263601, INDIA

Res. J. Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sci., Volume 2, Issue (4), Pages 1-12, April,24 (2014)


Freshwater Ichthyofaunal diversity an d fish landings status of glacial fed Goriganga river, a major tributary of Kaliganga River of Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand was studied from July 2006 to June 2008. Monthly sampling was carried out at three sampling stations (i.e. sampling station 1 - J auljibi, 600msl; Sampling station 2 - Baram 900msl and sampling station 3 - Madkot 1300msl). The results and observations of the present study reveals that apart from being glacial fed, Goriganga river harbours colourful ichthyo - fauna. Some 20 (Twenty) indige nous fish species belonging to twelve genera (Schizothorax, Tor, Barilius, Labeo, Punctius, Garra, Nemacheilus, Pseudecheneis, Glyptosternum, Homaloptera, Barbus and Mastacembelus) and five families (Cyprinidae, Botinae, Sisoridae, Homalopteridae and Masta cembelidae) were identified in the collection. The family Cyprinidae was dominant with 13(65%) fish species followed by Botinae with 3 (15%) species, Sisoridae with 2(10%) species and Homalopteridae and Mastacembelidae with 01(5%) species each. Monthly, se asonal and site wise variations in fish landings including similarity and dissimilarity index amog different fish species collected from selected sampling stations have also been discussed in the paper.


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