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Diversity of Zooplankton in Barwani Tank of West Nimar, MP, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Govt. College, Kukshi, MP, INDIA
  • 2Zoology Dept, Govt. PG College, Barwani, MP, INDIA

Res. J. Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sci., Volume 1, Issue (3), Pages 7-13, April,24 (2013)


Biodiversity is the shortened form of two word’s “biological” and “diversity”. It refers to all the variety of life that can befound on earth (plants, animals, fungi and Micro –organism) as well as to the communities that they form habitats in whichthey live. Biodiversity is not only the sum of all ecosystem, species and genetic material. Rather, it represents the variabilitywithin and among them. Zooplankton constitutes a vital link in the food chain of an ecosystem and fish yield is to a greatextent depending on their abundance. The abundance of Zooplankton is more of less governed by the interaction of numberof Physical, Chemical and biological processes. The present investigation was undertaken to study the biodiversity ofZooplankton in “Barwani tank” of West Nimar, M.P. A total 23 species belonging to four groups have been identified.Protozoa 8 species, Rotifers 6 species, copepods 5 species and cladocers 4 species contributed to Zooplankton in theBarwani tank. Zooplankton diversity of this tank is higher in comparison to running water body link river Narmada. Whereonly 21 genera of Zooplankton occur.


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