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Profile of Post graduate students of Agriculture and Journalism and Mass communication students of BHU, Varanasi

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS), BHU, Varanasi, 221005, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
  • 2Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS), BHU, Varanasi, 221005, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Res. J. Agriculture & Forestry Sci., Volume 3, Issue (10), Pages 9-13, November,8 (2015)


Banaras Hindu University is the central university having many faculties in various disciplines. Out of which the profile of agricultural and journalism students was studied regarding their age, background, educational background of parents, occupation of parents, fellowship, career orientation etc. From agriculture 180 and from journalism and mass communication 60 respondents were selected using simple random sampling and various statistical measures used for analysis of data were percentage, frequency, mean, and z- test. It was found that majority of respondents of faculty of agriculture belonged to the rural area (47.22%) while in case of journalism and mass communication majority of students belonged to the urban area (63.33). As it when discussed under profile also there are many opportunities for students of agriculture to get financial support in the form of fellowship compared to students of DJMC, hence there was significant difference. Again as far as career orientation was considered there was no significant difference, students of agriculture were inclined towards research and that of DJMC towards academics. The available and perceived opportunities lead to difference. Hence it can be concluded that for the variables viz. education of father, occupation of mother and career orientation the null hypothesis was accepted and alternate hypothesis was rejected. While in case of variables viz. age, background, motherís education, fatherís occupation and recipient of fellowship the null hypothesis was rejected and alternate hypothesis was accepted.


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