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Towards Sustainability: A Plan to Minimize External Inputs and Maximize Outputs

Author Affiliations

  • 1National Institute of Agribusiness Management, Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA

Res. J. Agriculture & Forestry Sci., Volume 2, Issue (4), Pages 27-35, April,8 (2014)


Sustainable agriculture is the method of cultivating crops, rearing livestock and other organisms using the principles of ecology. It establishes a relation between various life forms and the environment surrounding them. A farmer can maximize his profits by minimizing the cost he incurs from external inputs. He can adopt various enterprises on the same farm. These units comprise of apiary with sunflower, dairy, fisheries, cereal with legume crop rotation, commercial crop with legume crop rotation, hydroponically cultivated strawberries, kitchen garden, biogas unit, rainwater harvesting structure, vermicomposting etc. The farm surrounded by forest trees will add to the security. This paper reveals such a plan where in the owner is satisfied of the food, feed and fiber needs, the environment�s quality is enhanced and natural resources are preserved. This model makes the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and on-farm resources and integrates them in an efficient and sustainable manner. It also sustains the economic viability of the farmer and his enterprise.


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