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Gastrointestinal parasites infection in wild drill monkeys population at Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (AMWS), Cross River State, Nigeria

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Wildlife and Range Management, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.P.M.B.2373; Makurdi, Nigeria and Department of Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management, University of Calabar, P.M.B.1115, Calabar Nigeria
  • 2Department of Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management, University of Calabar, P.M.B.1115, Calabar Nigeria
  • 3Department of Wildlife and Range Management, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.P.M.B.2373; Makurdi, Nigeria

Res. J. Agriculture & Forestry Sci., Volume 11, Issue (2), Pages 1-8, July,8 (2023)


Gastrointestinal parasites in wild primates are of serious concern to Non-Human Primates as it can impact on the health and well-being of the animal’s population because of potential disease implications. This study was conducted at Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (AMWS) to assess the gastrointestinal parasite species diversity and intensity as well as parasites load in wild drill monkeys population in two locations at AMWS. The study was conducted from January-December, 2020 using the floatation method. Parasite identification was limited to only morphological identification of the parasites using low power microscope (Olympus Biological microscope CHA & CHB). The broad objective of the study was to identify, catalogue and quantify gastrointestinal parasites in wild drill monkeys populations at Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. Results revealed that parasitic infection was high in the two drill monkeys groups (60%). Six different parasite taxa were identified in the wild drill monkeys population and the infection intensity was the same in the two drill monkeys group. The parasite load was higher in the adult and sub-adult population (36%) in the two locations. The identified gastrointestinal parasites were similar to some already reported by previous authors in Nigeria. It was therefore recommended that further study especially molecular studies is required to elucidate the impact of these parasites on the health of the affected animals and the host-parasite interaction.


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