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Table of Contents

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 5, Issue (11), Pages 1-58, November (2016)

Research Paper

1. Preparation of Chitosan Membrane derived from Crustaceans residues Forproton Exchange Membrane Application
Ramirez-Perez Javier C. (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 1-7.
2. Non-Edible Castor Oil – An Esoteric Potential Foliage of Methyl and Ethyl Ester, a Sustainable additive Package for Agricultural Diesel Engines
Mohapatra S.B.,Swain D.,Mohanty R.C.,Das P. (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 8-16.
3. Groundwater Quality Evaluation of Khed Block in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra (India) to Estimate its Suitability for different use
H.N. Bhange,P.K. Singh,R.C. Purohit,K.K. Yadav (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 17-24.
4. Artificial Neural Network for Predicting reference Evapotranspiration under Humid Region
P.M. Ingle,R.C. Purohit,S.R. Bhakar,H.K. Mittal,H.K. Jain,P.K. Singh (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 25-31.
5. Grouping of Significant Geomorphic Parameters using Multivariate Technique
B.K. Gavit,R.C. Purohit,P.K. Singh,M.K. Kothari,H.K. Jain (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 32-38.
6. Biosnthesis of Silver Nanoparticles (Tea Leaves’) Reducing Method and their Optical Properties
Rajesh Kumar Meena,Neelu Chouhan (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 39-43.

Short Communication

7. Construction of Association Schemes and Coherent Configuration from Williamson’s Hadamard Matrices and their Properties
Singh M.K.,Pandey Pinky (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 44-46.
8. Impact of GA3 Seed Pre-Treatment on Seedling growth in Delonix Regia
Rout Sandeep,Beura Sashikala,Khare Neelam (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 47-49.

Review Paper

9. Applications of Lipopeptide(s) from a Bacillus sp: An Overview
Khem Raj Meena,Rajni Dhiman,Abhishek Sharma,Shamsher S. Kanwar (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 50-54.

Short Review Paper

10. Environmental Pollution and Sustainability: Its Effects on Life and its Remedies
Sunder Singh (2016). Res. J. Recent Sci., 5(11), 55-58.