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Table of Contents

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (5), Pages 1-127, May (2014)

Research Paper

1. Effect of Integrated Marketing Communication Infrastructures on Brand Personality to Improve the Performance of the Brand in Iran's Chain Stores
Aghaei Mohammad,Mina Hayati,Asadollahi Amin (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 1-6.
2. Assessment of Electronic Arbitration regarding Dispute Resolution
Amir mohammadmota,Alirezahasani (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 7-14.
3. Examination of the Effect of Strategic Supply Management Skills and Supplier Integration on Supply Management Performance in Chain Stores
Mohammad Aghaei,Karbasi Jabarzadeh,Bahram,Omid Kajian (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 15-20.
4. Characterization of Water and Sediment quality of River Ahiran in Korba Chhattisgarh, India
Dhanesh Singh,JairamPrasad Singh,JangdeAshok Kumar (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 21-25.
5. The Conceptual Framework for Commercialization of Research Findings in Iranian Universities
Forouz ,LotfollahDehkordi1,Akbar JovkarAli,Rahmani ZeynolAbedin,Esfanjani AbbasiHossein (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 26-32.
6. The Urban land use Planning Using Cellular Automata Model: A Case study of 1st Municipal district of Isfahan city, Iran
Masoud Sadjadi,Mohammadi Mahmood (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 33-42.
7. Effects of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Customer Responses in Iran's Banking Industry: Role of Mediator the Relationship Quality
Aali Samad,Ibrahimi Abdulhamid,Vahid RezaMirabi,Zare Shahram (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 43-54.
8. Internal/External Modifiers in Request Speech Act among Iranian Study Abroad Learners
RasouliKhorshidi Hassan,Rangasawmy Subbakrishna (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 55-64.
9. SOC Implementation of Hybrid Cryptography Techniques using Hight and RC4 Algorithm
Blesslin SheebaT.,P. Rangarajan (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 65-70.
10. Studying Flux Decline in Hollow fiber Microfiltration unit using Domestic Wastewater
Shigidi Ihab,Mohd Danish (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 71-76.

Research Article

11. Evaluating Hydrodynamic Forces of Sea Waves to Circular and Square Thin Vertical Sectioned Cylindrical Pillars with Identical Cross-section in Off-shore Structures
Bagherzadeh Mohammad,Madjid Ghodsi,Farhood Azarsina (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 77-82.
12. The Existence of General Solution of Non-linear partial differential equation in General case in complex space
N. Taghizadeh,Norozpour S. (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 83-85.
13. Sparse Signal Recovery based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
JawadAli Shah,Qureshi I.M.,AmirA. Khaliq1,Omer Hammad (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 86-93.
14. A Two Dimensional Performance Analysis of Mobility Models for MANETs and VANETs
Nisar MuhammadAmir,Mehmood Amir,Nadeem Adnan,Ahsan Kamran,Sarim Mmuhammad (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 94-103.
15. Landslide analysis to estimate probability occurrence of earthquakes by software ArcGIS in central of Iran
Samadi HamidReza,Asghar Teymoorian,Ghasemi Mostafa (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 104-109.

Review Paper

16. Two New Methods for Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot
AhmadiMousavi Mohsen,Behzad Moshiri,Dehghani Mohammad,Habib Yajam (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 110-115.
17. Environmental Psychology in Architecture and Urban Design
Shojazadeh HamidReza,Mehrvash Kazemi,Shafizadeh AsadAllah (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 116-120.

Case Study

18. Measurement of effectiveness of Implementation of Non-pyramid network Marketing (Case study: Zarnegah Parsian Co.)
Foruzzandeh Lotfollah,Abbasi Maryam (2014). Res. J. Recent Sci., 3(5), 121-127.