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Identification and Analysis of Problems in Trade Relations between Iran and Afghanistan

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Business Management, Payame Noor University, IRAN

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (12), Pages 53-59, December,2 (2014)


Current research aims at identification and analysis of problems in trade relations between Iran and Afghanistan. To this end, 215 custom traders and staffs who were active in Iran- Afghanistan path were selected as sample. Questionnaire was used for research data collection. Questionnaire included 30 indices within 5 dimensions as follows: lack of change in business and destabilized existing laws and regulations, lack of preparedness in infrastructure and administrative institutions particularly in Afghanistan, lack of rail and sea lines between the two countries, lack of updated and equipped facilities and warehouses at the entry of two countries, lack of security in Afghanistan, lack of quick and inexpensive transportation in Iran and Afghanistan. T-student and MANOVA statistical tests were used for data analysis. Results indicated all 6 studied dimensions influenced trade relations between Iran and Afghanistan.


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